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Training – 4 miles

Hi all! In addition to my race recaps I will also be posting about my day to day training regimen. About a month ago I completed my first half marathon training program through the Nike + running app. I originally used Cardio Trainer to track all of my workouts because I had gotten the gold version free as one of Amazon’s free apps of the day and because it could track a lot of different activities besides running. Basically I could track everything in one app. Sadly the developers of Cardio Trainer stopped updating the app and it became very outdated with features not working properly. I started using the Nike + running app in March and I absolutely love it! It shows everything that I would need from a running app and it has a free coach feature. This is where the training plans are. They have different degrees of difficulty and distances. I started with the beginner half marathon program and in September I plan on starting the advanced training plan. On December 5th I am running my very first half marathon at the OUC Orlando Half Marathon. The plan will lead right up to this race. I would like to finish the half in 1:50 or less. Before the plan starts in September I am going to continue running about 4-6 times a week to keep my fitness up and because I love it so much.

Let’s start this off by what I did today:

I was awoken at 8 am by a loud bang of thunder. I was planning on running about 7 miles outside, but the storm changed those plans. Instead I waited until the storm went away and then went to the community gym. Living in Florida I don’t run outside if it is past a certain time because of how hot and humid it is, so I had to resort to the treadmill. I didn’t feel like running 7 miles on a treadmill, so I decided to do a fast 4 miles and try my 7 outside again tomorrow. I don’t hate the treadmill like most runners, but it is a bit daunting to run on one for an hour or more. I did my own speed workout by speeding up when I felt like it and ended up finishing in 33:20. It felt pretty good. Until next time!


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