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Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Expo

The day I had been waiting for for almost a year had finally come: The Expo, the start of race weekend, my first Disney race weekend! As you can imagine I was beyond excited. So about one o’clock my boyfriend Chris and I drove to the ESPN Wild World of Sports.

It was pretty crowded. We had to park out in the overflow parking and my foot was in pain. Earlier that week I had been diagnosed with tendinitis. I’m not sure if it was caused by overuse or if I just landed on my foot wrong, but the pain was so excruciating that I decided to have it checked out by my podiatrist. He gave me a cortisone shot and told me to stay off of it for a couple months. Yeah, right! You can’t tell a runner not to run before a big race weekend, though I was crushed by the diagnosis. I had been looking forward to this weekend for almost a year, so I was going to rest the rest of the week and then take it easy during the races.

So here we were at the expo, my foot hurting as we walked around. The first thing we did was go upstairs and pick up my packets. I registered for the 5k and the 10k for the weekend, so I had to go to two separate booths to pick up my packets. The lines weren’t long at all and we were in and out of there. I was pleased that I was in corral A in both races.

After packet pickup we went downstairs to get the race shirts! This is one of the things that I was looking forward to the most. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my running clothes. There wasn’t even a line there, so I got my shirts and at that point my parents had showed up. My Mom and my sister were running the 5k with me. It would be their first. My mom went to pick up her packet and shirt and then we started exploring the expo.

Look how pleased Chris was at being there

Look how pleased Chris was at being there

My mom and I stopped at the KT tape booth. I figured it was worth a shot to have my foot taped up and see if it helped the pain. I was given proper taping instructions while my foot was being taped. When I was finished, my foot started to feel a bit better.

My foot being taped

My foot being taped

There were tons of booths to visit. It took us a couple hours to get through the floor. One of our favorite booths was the Luna bar booth. They were giving out samples of four of their bar flavors. My favorite flavor was the cookie dough. There were also booths that had different tossing games to win products and wheels to spin where everyone was a winner. At the Success Rice booth I won a paper thin sponge that expands when you wet it in water. The expo is a good place to try out different products that you normally wouldn’t think to buy first and there is plenty of shopping. Because of the weather forecast for the next morning saying it was going to be the coldest day of the year, I decided to buy a new balance shirt. I had originally planned on wearing a sleeveless shirt. The New Balance booth actually had some really nice reasonably prices shirts.

I had read beforehand that the runDisney merchandise sells out really quick. The one thing I was looking forward to buying at the expo was a tech shirt that said runDisney on it. We walked all through both runDisney areas and I didn’t seen any runDisney shirts. I didn’t want any of the Princess merchandise because most of it said Half Marathon on it and I wasn’t running the Half this year. We went back to the first area of runDisney merchandise and I saw some of the shirts I wanted, except they had every size but mine. I ended up buying it online a while later. The website only had my size; pretty big coincidence.

After we had looked at mostly everything, Chris and I decided to leave. I wanted to get enough rest before my big day tomorrow! My parents stayed there to meet my sister. She had to wait until she got off work. Before we left we took pictures!

Me after the Expo

Me after the Expo


Can’t wait for the 10k!

My Mom excited for her first 5k

My Mom excited for her first 5k!

My sister as she was leaving the expo

My sister as she was leaving the expo


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