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Training – 7.21 Miles

This morning was perfect for running! I was exhausted, but Chris convinced me that it was nice out because it was overcast. I wanted to run 7 miles one day this week because I have a virtual 10k next week (More on the virtual run in a future post). I got dressed and gathered my running things from different places in the condo and I was off! The outside temperature was about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, which was pretty nice after running in the upper 80s earlier this week. The sun was behind the clouds and there was a nice breeze; not the typical Florida morning. The first three miles went fine. I averaged about 9:30 per mile, although the fatigue was getting to me. I rounded a corner after mile three and planned to run until I got to 3.5 miles and then turn around and go home. I entered a nice tree-covered neighborhood for part of that and ended up going 3.6 instead. It was here where I turned around and headed back home. At about miles 4.5 and 5.5 the sun peaked out a bit and it was hot! The last mile was my fastest at 9:11. I have been training myself to negative split, or run the second half fastest than the first, so I will be trained to run when I am tired at the end of a race. My final time was 7.21 miles in 1:08:27. See ya soon!


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