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Training – 4 mile run

Today I decided to do an easy 4 mile run on the treadmill at the community gym. I usually go to the gym on days when I sleep in and by the time I get up it is too hot to run outside.

When I go to the gym I usually bring my earbuds, phone, armband, and hand towel. I only bring a water bottle if I am running over an hour because there is a water fountain right outside. The Nike app does have an indoor setting, but it is inaccurate on higher speeds, so I just use google music and the Charity miles app. Charity miles is an app where, the more miles you run the more money is donated to a selected charity. I am also using it to get house points for Gryffindor for the Hogwarts Running Club; more on that later. Anyway, charity miles is inaccurate on the indoor setting as well, but it is for a good cause so I held my phone in it’s armband while I ran.

I ended up doing a 4 mile progression run. The first mile ended up being about 10 minutes and the last mile I started at an 8 minute pace and kept increasing it. The run ended up being four miles in 34:51. I’m basically trying to maintain my base fitness so I can start my half training program in September. I can’t wait!


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