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Training – 7 miles

Brooks Glycerin 12

Brooks Glycerin 12

Today was another treadmill run and my first run with my new shoes! They are turquoise Brooks Glycerin 12s. I first purchased a pair of Glycerin 12s in Boston last March. I was fitted at the South End Athletic Company on Tremont Street in Boston. They used a video gait analysis to determine that I have a neutral gait. With that information they were able to find me the perfect shoe: Brooks Glycerin 12. Now that the 13s are out I have been looking for the 12s at a reduced price. A couple weeks ago the Brooks website had a clearance sale, so I jumped at the chance to buy my beloved Glycerins at a reduced price. I went with turquoise because I liked the color and they match my past and future Disney running costumes.

The shoes felt really great, and that’s probably why I ended up running seven miles instead of the five I had planned on running. I ended up doing my own made up speed workout. During the first 5k I increased the speed starting at about 10:00 per mile to 7:47. My 5k split was 26:40. The next nine tenths of a mile I took it easy and slowed down. The last three miles were about the same as the first 5k although my ending pace was about 6:58. My finishing time came to 1:01:44 which is an average pace of 8:48. I felt great afterwards and can’t wait for my virtual run on Friday!


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