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Training – 5.59 Miles

Today when I got up to run I had planned on running between 4-5 miles since yesterday had been a longer run.  So, I got ready and headed out to the paths at the Charles River.  As I made my way there I saw a huge group of runners running down the sidewalk together; there had to be at least 30 of them!  When the cross walk signaled me to go I hurried after them.  I have never been on a run with someone before. I’ve thought about it but I was never sure how to go about finding someone to run with.   I don’t actually know any runners in Orlando, so that’s why I usually run alone.  I thought about joining a running club or finding a group run, but I never had the time to do it because of my job.  So this morning I found myself following this group of runners.  I didn’t even know where they came from or where they were headed, I just had to follow them.  Fortunately they were making their way to the Charles river, somewhere I knew very well by now.

As I got closer to them I noticed that some of them were wearing bright green shirts with the words pacer on the back.  It seemed to be a very organized group run.  I passed one of the pacers at the back and fell behind one that seemed to be going my pace, although to catch up I had to go faster than I normally would have.  So there I was running with people!  The pacer in front of me was just chatting away with another runner; It was a very relaxed environment.  It was then that I noticed the words on her sleeve:  NRC.  NRC?  Then I noticed the swoosh.  This was the Nike Running Club!  The Nike store was only a couple blocks from my apartment so this made sense.

We went around the river, under an overpass and then kept going straight where I normally would have turned.  There was construction to avoid, but thankfully not much traffic.  This led us back to the river path that I was familiar with.  At this point the pacer I was following held back so I continued to follow the runner she had been talking with.  We made our way over the Harvard Bridge and then she turned right.  I was kind of hoping she would have turned left and went back to the Nike store.  I was curious as to what happens at the end of these runs and I was nearing my 5 mile goal for today.  So I continued to follow and after a little ways she stopped where a big group of runners were gathered.

The group turned out to be the rest of the Nike Running Club.  Apparently they were taking a little break before continuing.  I heard one of them say that some people were half done and some had a third left.  That was my cue to leave.  I was pretty tired and wanted to stop for the day so when they continued on I went the other direction and made my way back home.

My run ended up being 51 minutes and 27 seconds long.  In that time I completed 5.59 miles.  I felt a lot better than yesterday and I was pretty happy with my pace.  Next weekend I will see about officially signing up for a Nike Running Club Run so I can start with everyone.


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