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Training – 3.2 Miles


When I awoke this morning the weather looked very gloomy and caused me to lie back down in bed and fall asleep again. While at work I really felt guilty for not running so I thought, “Why do I have to run in the morning? This is Boston, it’s not hot here!” And I was right!  When I got off work it was cloudy and cool out, so I decided to take an evening run. I planned on doing a fast 5k. It rained on and off all day, so I wanted to get back before it rained again.

I ran towards the river like normal and it felt great! I had taken off yesterday, so I was really anxious to get back out there and run. I started off fast, but had to stop at each crosswalk because of traffic. I made a mental note that there is more traffic in the evening than there is in the morning. During the first half mile I felt a pain on the outside of my left leg. It wasn’t bad enough to stop but it did worry me. Fortunately it didn’t last more than half a mile. After a mile I started getting a cramp in my side, but that didn’t last that long either. This is why I run in the morning: if I run after I have eaten anything I get all kinds of weird cramps. After I crossed the Harvard Bridge I took a right and ran all the way until I got to 1.6 miles, then I turned around and headed back, but not before I stopped to take a picture of this beautiful city.

It started raining and I was getting a little tired during the second half of the run, but I pushed through it and ran back home until I got to 3.2 miles right outside my apartment door. I ended up finishing the run in 27:35, which I think is great considering that I don’t normally run in the evening and I had to slow down for traffic and people. It was a great run and I enjoyed seeing Boston in a different light!


6 thoughts on “Training – 3.2 Miles

  1. I’m totally a night runner. I’m trying to already start training myself to run in the morning so I can be more equipped for how my stomach is with breakfast/knowing my races are early morning, etc… I don’t know how you pushed through in the rain! I think I would have scrapped my run plans altogether, haha. Great job!

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