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Training – 4.53 Miles

Today I inadvertently did a progression run.  My plan was to run the loop around the river that I had found.  I hadn’t run just the loop before so I kind of wanted to see exactly how long it was; I estimated a little over four miles.  I started off kind of slow because of how exhausted I was; I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  During that first half a mile I planned to do a slower, less intense run because Nike had said I was almost at a 10 minute per mile pace and I just wasn’t feeling it.

By the second mile I was starting to feel better.  When the Nike guy told me my pace I was actually really surprised because it was averaged in with how slow I was the first mile.  This is why professional runners warm up before a race, something that I never do.  I always thought it was crazy that someone would run a couple miles before they have to race, but maybe I should try it because I really started feeling better on the third mile.

Each mile had an extensive increase with the fourth being my best at 8:27.  For not wanting to get up, I think that I had a pretty good run.  I ended up running 4.53 miles in 40:09 at an average pace of 8:52.  I hope that I can continue running this good tomorrow!


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