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Training – 6.28 Miles

Bird I met on my run. He would not let me stand in front of him to take the picture.

Bird I met on my run. He would not let me stand in front of him to take the picture.

Since I am running 8 miles with the Nike Running Club tomorrow and I haven’t run that far in a while I decided to do a 10k this morning to lead up to the higher mileage.  I was pretty tired this morning, so it took me a while to get out of bed when my alarm went off; I can’t wait to sleep in on Sunday! The weather wasn’t as cool as it had been lately, but it was still beautiful.  I felt good during the run, but I kept it at a nice consistent pace so I can be ready to try to keep up tomorrow.  I completed my usual loop, but I ran on the outer most path to try to stretch out the distance.  When I made it back to my starting point I passed it and ran down the bridge again because it is such a beautiful view!  I then turned around and headed back.

When I arrived back at the overpass that lead home I ran past it again until I had enough mileage and met this bird on the left, and then ran home.  The 6.28 run lasted 57:53.  I also had my charity miles app running so I could get some mileage for Gryffindor!  For those of you that don’t know I am in the Hogwarts Running Club and there is a competition for miles between the houses.  In the app I am trying to make the top 25.  I started using it a couple weeks late so I had to play catch up, but I’m so close!  I plan to make it on the list this weekend.

When I finished my run I felt great and ready to start the day!  I love a good workout in the morning; it makes me feel energized so I am more productive throughout the day.


5 thoughts on “Training – 6.28 Miles

  1. Morning workouts are my favorite! Sounds like you had a great run! The Hogwarts running club sounds really neat too. Goodluck! I can’t wait to hear how the run with the Nike Running club goes tomorrow!

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    • The Hogwarts running club helps keep me motivated until my half training program officially starts next month. Thanks! I’m really excited for the group run tomorrow!


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