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Aloe Vera Juice

20150821_223400I used to get really bad stomach aches maybe a half hour to an hour after I ran a long distance, usually more than a 5k. I tried everything from antacids to vitamin supplements to changing my diet, but nothing seemed to work…well a vitamin did help, but it was too expensive to have to take everyday for the rest of my life. So I asked my sister if she knew of anything else I could try; she’s currently an assistant manager at The Vitamin Shoppe and has worked in vitamin stores including managing her own for over 10 years. When it comes to natural cures, she is the one to ask. She mentioned Aloe Vera Juice. She had given some to her husband when he had a stomach ulcer and it seemed to help him, so I thought I would give it a try. I found some in all different flavors at a local grocery store that we love called Fancy Fruit and Produce. The flavors include strawberry (my favorite), mango, pineapple, and now they have a coconut! They also have the original flavor, but at the time I was scared to try it. I decided to buy a couple bottles to try. I started drinking a glass of it everyday and like magic my stomach stopped hurting! I was so amazed because I would have incredible pains before, but I didn’t want to stop running. From what I have read on the internet, I believe that I have irritable bowel syndrome and the act of running can aggravate it and cause these stomach aches. If I missed a day of drinking my aloe, I would start to get these pains again after my runs. When I got to Boston I had to go in search for some. Luckily a Trader Joe’s not far from me had some, but they only had the original flavor. Since it was my only option I decided to try it and I have to say it is quite good!

After my stomach aches vanished from this miracle juice I decided to look into it more on the internet. I come to find out that this stuff is more amazing than I originally thought! The reason my stomach doesn’t hurt after I have had aloe juice may be because it has been know to improve the digestive tract by repairing the stomach lining and intestines as well as decreasing inflammation in irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammatory stomach disorders.

There are so many other benefits of drinking aloe vera juice including improving the immune system, lowering cholesterol, improving heart health, and improving blood sugar. The aloe is said to clean out toxins of the body that cause disorders such as seasonal allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and other immune irregularities. Studies have been done that suggest that it can reduce cholesterol by decreasing fat levels and clearing out blood clots and fatty deposits in the arteries leading to a healthier heart. There has also been a study that showed improved blood sugar levels in diabetics. So if you you have any stomach problems or get cramps after running you might want to pick up some aloe vera juice at your local grocery store. I am so glad that I found this stuff as it has given me the opportunity to run without experiencing excruciating pain afterwards. Plus it tastes delicious!


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