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Training – 8.25 Miles with the Nike + Run Club!

wpid-20150822_143959-1.jpgWhat a great morning to run!  I had been worried earlier in the week that it would rain today, but it was the perfect weather; cool, breezy and overcast.  Today was another run with the Nike + Run Club in Boston.  I was really anxious to run today because I had taken an unplanned off day yesterday and I wanted to get the full 8 miles in since last week was a little short.  After everyone arrived at the Nike store we headed outside this time to do our warm up and group picture.  There is a nice long park about a block away that is lined with statures where we did this.  After the dynamic warm up we broke up into groups based on what distance we were running to hear our directions and then do a cheer.  Then we were off!

The weather wasn’t the only good thing; I had an amazing run!  I felt so good and my stress melted away; I just felt happy!  I stayed up with the front group the entire first lap.  This time we ran through the Public Gardens and around the perimeter of Boston Common before heading over to the Charles River and back around to the starting point.  For those of you that don’t know, the Public Gardens and Boston Common make up a huge park in the middle of Boston, which is so beautiful this time of the year!  Every other time I have been here they have been covered in snow.  The Common was built on a hill, but I was able to run up it with little difficulty.  After we left there we stopped at a light to let others catch up before we took off again; it was nice to have a little breather.  Then we made our way to the river.  We stayed on the Boston side this time, never crossing the bridge.  About 2.5 miles in we made it to out water stop.  I grabbed a Gatorade, which was so refreshing!  It was nice to get to the water stop and have a quick break before the halfway point.  When some more people caught up we started up again and made our way back to the center park where we started.  During this part of the first lap one of the pacers was playing music through a speaker that he was holding.  Hearing the music while running with this group of people that also loved running really pumped me up and it was so much fun!

The second lap was a little tougher.  I was trying to play catch up with the lead group the whole time.  Right after we entered the Common they became so far ahead that I started following a couple of runners who had passed me.  I didn’t slow down the second lap; my fifth mile was actually my fastest at 8:01, but they had sped up.  Before we had started our coach had said that she was going to do a progression run.  I hadn’t run this far in a while so I was not able to keep up with them, though I am very proud of how I ran.

We got back to the water stop at about 6.2 miles which would make our total miles about 7 if we finished the loop.  Because of this they told the 8 mile people that we could run with the 12 milers all the way back to the Public Gardens and then turn around and head back to the Nike store which would give us our 8.  I did this and was having even more trouble keeping up.  The lead group stopped before entering the gardens  and before I could get there they all took off so I headed back  to the Nike store by myself.

I was really happy with my time.  I had stopped the Nike app every time we stopped running, so my total run time was 8.25 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and 45 seconds, which comes to an average pace of 8:34.  According to the Nike app I ran my fastest training 10k in 53:17!  Today was such a great day and I am really glad that I have running in my life.  I don’t know what I would do without it!


2 thoughts on “Training – 8.25 Miles with the Nike + Run Club!

  1. Sounds like an amazing run! Great job and I’m so glad you are enjoying the group runs! Nothing like having other runners to help push through at times 🙂


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