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Star Wars Half Marathon Comes to Florida

11952960_1242846415741318_7004089264699802889_oToday Disney announced a brand new race weekend coming to Florida:  The Star Wars Half Marathon – the Dark Side.  It is going to take place from April 14th through the 17th and consist of a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and kids races with a challenge called the Dark Side Challenge for completing the half and the 10k. There will also be a special coast to coast medal for completing this half and the one in Disneyland now called The Star Wars Half Marathon – the Light Side, in the same calendar year.  Runners completing this challenge dubbed the Kessel Run Challenge, will receive a medal inspired by the Millennium Falcon.

I had been waiting for Disney to announce a new race since there is no longer the Expedition Everest Challenge and The Tower of Terror Ten Miler is on hiatus.  Disney needed another race weekend to compete with all the news ones across the country in Anaheim.  It makes sense that they would choose Star Wars since there are new movies coming out and they reveled plans to create a Star Wars Expansion at Hollywood Studios.  I don’t know when that will be finished but this new half marathon race course goes through Hollywood studios in addition to EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and finishes at the Wide World of Sports.

I am debating running this race.  I would love to run it to get the inaugural medal and maybe even run it every year and become a legacy runner.  I have always wished that I had found running sooner and started running these Disney races years ago.  I have read about how registration didn’t used to be so crazy and there were less people running them when they started.  Also as big of a Disney World fan that I am why didn’t I know about these races sooner??  It would be nice to have run a race from the beginning so receiving an inaugural medal for one would mean something to me.

The thing that is deterring me from counting down to registration day is the price.  One race weekend a year is a lot of money, but two??  Including the Orlando Half that would be three half marathons a year and I haven’t even ran one yet!  I know I will like running a half, it’s just a feeling I have, but it’s hard to pay for three events that I haven’t done one yet.   I will probably end up running it anyway.  Thinking about running through Disney does that to me.  For anyone else that wants to run in this new race registration opens on September 22nd at noon.  Passholder registration is usually two weeks before the general public making it on September 8th, but I haven’t heard that for sure.  To all my readers planning of registering, good luck and maybe I will see you there!


7 thoughts on “Star Wars Half Marathon Comes to Florida

  1. I really really want to do this one. I can’t afford both so I’m going to see if they will let me transfer registration and pay the difference…it’s a long shot but my whole family wants to do it (the 5K) in honor of my father in-law.

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  2. Enjoy if you do it! I’m not a Star Wars fan (never even seen the movies despite many BIG fans in my life), so even here in CA for the first Star Wars race, I wasn’t interested. The idea of getting into an inaugural event and becoming legacy is still something I’d love to do, but I knew I wouldn’t want to do Star Wars or Avengers as a legacy. If only I hadn’t skipped the first year of Tink!! (It was on the heels of my first ever half so I had that same debate myself of signing up for multiple when I hadn’t even done one…)

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    • I think I may do just the Half and not the challenge or the 5k. I like Star Wars and would like to run the first race in Florida. When I eventually get my coast to coast I think I would run either Tink or the Disneyland half.


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