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Training – 7.07 Miles

wpid-20150827_081039.jpgToday I had an amazing run!  I’ve been having a lot of those lately;  I blame the weather.  It was a nice 64 degrees with the bright sun beating down on me as I ran around the river.  I don’t know why I chose 7 miles; I guess just because it was the next plateau after the 6.2 on Tuesday and I wanted to run more miles since I had two days off from running this week already.  I always feel very anxious to get back out there and do my absolute best the day after I don’t run, even though yesterday was a cross training day.  I feel better all day long after a nice run in the morning, so today I felt pretty great.

I was really happy with my pace throughout the run because it felt very comfortable and none of the miles were over 9 minutes!  The entire 7.07 miles took me 1:01:45 giving me an average pace of 8:44.  Not only that but my fastest mile was mile 6!  I’m really trying hard in training to increase my speed later in the run rather then take off really fast like I normally do.  That way I’m not exhausted by the end and if I am, I am trained to run when I am tired.  I believe that is a good skill to have, both physically and mentally.  I know I am in for a world of shock when I get back to sunny and humid Florida and my pace will suffer because of it.


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