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Training – 5 miles

wpid-20150830_094159.jpgToday was another beautiful Sunday morning in Boston.  The sun was shining bright, though it was a little too humid for my liking.  The hotel that I am staying in during my last week here is very close to the Public Gardens so that is where I headed first.  I ran around the gardens and then on to the Common.  There are always people out in the park on nice days and today was no different.  I passed a baseball game going on, people playing with their dogs, and some people just sitting on a bench enjoying the morning.  It seemed very peaceful out as opposed to the rush of the work week.

wpid-20150830_094220.jpgAfter I had run around the park I made my way over a bridge and to the river.  Here, it was equally peaceful and serene, with artists sitting by the water with their easels and painting the landscape that they saw.  I passed these artists with a smile on my face because I remember a time when I used to paint and I would have loved to paint in a beautiful place like that.  As I made my way closer to the Harvard Bridge the peacefulness stopped.  For one thing, there is no shade on the bridge and it was very hot and a little humid today.  For another thing, the people were driving me crazy!  I am tired of everyone taking up the entire sidewalk.  I run on the right side of the side walk and that is my area until I need to pass someone and I wait for the other side to clear before I proceed.  People in Boston don’t do this.  There were groups of people walking towards me taking up both sides of the sidewalk!  They don’t seem to care about anyone else around them.  I even ran into some of them and it was like nothing!  Strange place here.

Anyways, back to my run.  Since Saturday is my long run I tend to take things easier on the following day.  I just wanted to enjoy the moment of running in such a beautiful place and not worry about pace, so that’s what I did.  I ran longer than planned because once near the river I wanted to cross the bridge and then turn around and head back to the hotel.  The whole thing was 5 miles and I’m glad I kept with it and ran more miles.  It even jumped me up a spot on my Charity Miles Gryffindor leader board!  It also did the most important thing in earning money for a charity.  The charity I use is Stand Up To Cancer.  Cancer has affected my family and I want to help rid the world of this horrible disease, no matter how small my contribution is.


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