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Training – 7.44 Miles

Sometimes when I run I like to come up with different routes, just to see the distance.  Today I ran one that I was wondering about since my last run.  From my hotel I ran around the common and then to the river like last time, but instead of turning around after the Harvard Bridge I kept going to complete the loop.  Then I headed to the central park that leads back to the common.  The whole thing all the way back to the hotel door was 7.44 miles.  It’s nice to run without knowing the exact distance I will be traveling.  I don’t usually run that many miles before work, so when I finished I really felt accomplished.

After the run I headed to the gym that is in my hotel to stretch before my shower.  This hotel gym isn’t your typical hotel gym, meaning you don’t have to be a hotel guest to use it.  Non-hotel guests can pay a monthly membership fee just like at any other gym.  It is a pretty nice gym with every cardio or strength machine you can think of and daily classes ranging from yoga and aerobic to weightlifting.  Being a hotel guest, I can use all of these features, but I just went in for a place to stretch today.

This morning’s run felt very good.  I didn’t worry about pace, I just ran.  Running is a great way to relieve stress and this run did just that…well, it only lasted until I arrived at work.  I’ve been working a lot of overtime because this week is a delivery week, which are always stressful, so it was great to get in a nice long run before I headed to work.


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