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Training – Yoga and 2 Mile Run

wpid-20150902_081824-1-1.jpgSince I am now further from the Nike store I decided to run there and back.  It took me about three fourths of a mile so I ran a little past it and circled back around to get the full mile.  The first half was great at a 7:58 pace!  I was surprised when the Nike app said that pace because I can never tell when I am in the seven range.  It was a cool morning and I just wanted to get to class fast.  The whole mile ended up taking 8:07.

When I arrived at the store everyone was standing outside and here I was, worried that I may be late because of my further commute.  At about ten till seven they finally let us in.  Apparently they were still setting up the yoga mats.  This class was probably the most challenging one I have had yet!  It combined every hard pose from every other week all into this one class.  My legs felt very fatigued once we were finished.  I am proud of myself for sticking with it and trying all of the harder modifications.  At one point we went through a series of poses without letting up on our legs; they had to stay in a bent position.  This really stressed my legs causing them to shake and was the reason they became fatigued.  I really hope my legs get stronger someday, so I am going to try to stick with yoga at least once a week to try to make that happen.

It was a great end to my Nike training in Boston.  I ran back to the hotel, but it was more difficult than on the way there because of my tired legs.  This time I went through the Public Gardens.  It was so beautiful!  I stopped for a few pictures and then continued on my way.  Again I was a little short of a mile, so I ran around the corner of my hotel and then back again.  That mile was a little slower at 8:50.  I will try to rest my legs the rest of the day and hopefully I will be ready for another run tomorrow!


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