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Training – 8.53 Miles

So, I’m a little crazy.  I have been working long hours the past couple weeks with little sleep and I ended up going for an eight and a half mile run this morning.  Lately I have been obsessed with increasing my mileage and running through Boston before I have to leave it.  I haven’t even used a treadmill since I’ve been here, which is sometimes a necessity in Florida because of the heat.  Last time I was here, I used the treadmill all the time!  The weather wasn’t the greatest and the gyms here have these really nice treadmills that let you run in places around the world.  You pick from a limited amount of places including:  New Zealand, Germany, and the Grand Canyon.  After that you pick a level of difficulty which determines the incline.  Then you start running and the place you pick appears on the screen like you are running there!  The thing is, Boston has pretty amazing scenery itself, so there is no need for the treadmill.

I really love this new loop I have been running since I moved into the hotel.  I first do a lap around the common and gardens, then run my usual loop around the river, and today I continued to the overpass that I used to go over, turned around, did another loop around the common and then ran straight to the gym in the hotel.  When I was almost finished with the Charles River loop I started doing the math in my head.  I really wanted to run more than seven miles so that is why I added that extra stretch to the overpass and back.  On my final loop around the common, I ran through the public gardens rather than around them.  It was so beautiful as I ran around the flowers and statues and then over the bridge that crosses the waterway where the swan boats are.  I was kind of dreading my last lap around the common; there are a lot of hills.  Florida didn’t train me for hills.  That last hill leading up to the State House almost ended me, but I did it!  After that it is all down hill, which may be the reason my last mile was my fastest.

The total run ended up taking 1:15:28 giving me an average pace of 8:50!  I only had two miles over 9!  That surprised me because I wasn’t feeling my best.  Sometimes during a longer run I stop at water fountains and drink a little too much water; actually I gulp it down.  It feels great at the moment, but after I start running again my stomach starts to hurt.  I have no idea how I am going to hydrate during my half marathon.


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