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Training – 5.19 Miles

wpid-20150905_120300-1.jpgFirst run back in Florida!  It was a hot 84 degrees and it was glorious…well the first mile was.  After that it felt like I was running in a furnace.  It actually wasn’t bad in the shade, but once I left the shade it was miserable; I just wanted to get back to the shade, which may be why I ran so fast.  This run was faster than I was running in Boston.  For some reason I run faster in the scorching heat. The total time for the run was 45:26 giving me an average pace of 8:44.  When I got back to the condo I was soaked.
I finally got to wear my Hogwarts Running Club shirt that I had ordered before I left for Boston.  It had arrived the day I flew out so I was not able to get it because of my early flight.  I am really enjoying being a member of the virtual club.  Everyone is so supportive and it makes even the worst runs fun and full of purpose.


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