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Training – 7.09 Miles

wpid-20150907_105538-1-1.jpgWhat a wonderful morning to run in Florida!  It was overcast so there was no sun beating down on me and the temperature was bearable.  I originally planned on running a 10k, but I was motivated by the weather and the fact that I took an off day yesterday, so I added a little extra.  I ran the usual routes around my neighborhood including the local park a couple miles a way.  I love running in that park because it is mostly shaded and the scenery is beautiful.  Boston isn’t the only beautiful city!  There was a relaxed atmosphere in the park as people enjoyed their Labor Day.  I saw people playing Frisbee, someone fishing, families having cook outs, and even a truck selling flavored ice.  I just ran through it all enjoying the sights.  When I left the park I spotted my favorite sight:  horses!  I do love running by the horses; I just wish that I could ride them.  I started to feel great on my run at about mile five and I picked up the speed a bit.  The 7.09 miles lasted 1:04:08 giving me an average pace of 9:02 with my last mile being the fastest at 8:36.  It was a great overall relaxing run.  I just hope the weather is that runner-friendly tomorrow morning!


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