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Visual Effects

I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to write about something that is not related to running so I can get my thoughts out.  Working in the Visual Effects industry is tough.  It’s been exactly three years today since Digital Domain Florida closed down and let go 300 employees including myself and I am still struggling.  Digital Domain was home for me; I figured I would work there forever.  I can’t believe how naive I was back then.  Before September 7th, 2012 I couldn’t even imagine something like that happening.  One day I have a great job that I love and then the next morning me and 300 others are told to pack up and get out before noon.  I was devastated.  I knew exactly what this meant, I would have to leave my beloved state, my home.  And what if Chris and I couldn’t get in the same company or even the same city? What were we going to do??  These thought circled in my mind and that was the reason I cried that day.  The next couple of weeks were horrible, sitting around waiting to hear job offers, going to interviews in local hotels and seeing former co-workers that were just as scared and confused as I was.

So began my nomadic lifestyle. I did end up finding a job after that, but it took seven months and it was a temporary job in Dallas. Chris got a job in California at a company who after two months of him being there also went bankrupt, so he became unemployed and stuck across the country.

The visual effects industry is struggling and has been for a while.   These companies under bid just to get the work resulting in zero to a little profit and horrible working conditions for the artists. I believe the industry will turn around, but unfortunately I’m afraid Digital Domain ruined any chances of a big company opening offices in Florida again.

As much that it saddens me that I don’t have a permanent home and I can’t settle down, traveling isn’t all that bad. I’ve gotten to see wonderful places, experience things I wouldn’t normally have, and meet new people. Traveling is also how I found running and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. I know that God has a plan for me and I can’t wait to see what it is!


4 thoughts on “Visual Effects

  1. I’m thankful you know the God is in control Robyn. HE does have a plan and it’s beyond our imagination or comprehensions right now. When you are ready, he will let it fall in your lap with all the rough edges smoothed, and the lumps ironed out for you. I love the way you make the most of where HE plants you and how you take advantage of each opportunity to set an example of what you are to be. Get ready to say THANK YOU because it sure does seem as though the Lord is lining things up for you. Thanks for sharing your innermost with us.

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