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Training – 8.26 Miles


These were necessary


This one wasn’t cold 😦

Today it was very hot with no cloud cover.  The point of the run was just to finish.  Maybe I shouldn’t have run as far as I did so late but I ended up running 8.26 miles, which will be my last long run before training starts on Sunday.  I am hoping for a cooler October, but I won’t hold my breath.  The run actually went very well.  I ran about three miles then turned into a neighborhood to go back the way I came.  After that I ran into my lovely park.  Most of the park was shaded and I didn’t see any spiders so all was good!  I did have to stop at two different water fountains.  Each one energized me to keep going and so I did!  I ran back home after the park and finished in 1:17:17 with my fastest mile my eighth!  That is always my goal.  It wasn’t my best run, but it gave me an average pace of 9:21, which I think is pretty good in this heat.  You should always run slower in hotter conditions and don’t try to over do it.

I am currently in two challenges on the Nike Plus app.  On the app you can challenge people to complete different goals.  I had never been in a challenge before, but the RunDisneyRun group on Facebook has challenges once a month so I thought I would join.  Anything for a little extra motivation!  The two challenges are to complete 50 miles in the month and 80 miles in the month. I am currently in first place on one and third on the other.  Along with the Disney challenges I am moving up on the Charity Miles Gryffindor leader-board!   I am currently 14 out of 687 members.  Those are just two fun things I can focus on until my training starts!


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    • Thanks! If you want to do the RunDisneyRun challenges then there is a file titled: “Nike Plus Screen Names 2015” in the file section on their group page. There are instructions on there to follow. You basically add your screen name to the list and send a friend request to the screen name provided on the file. Then that’s it! They will send you the challenge through Nike plus. There are two challenges a month, I believe. And I understand, this is the first “social” thing I have done on a running app.


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