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Training – 6.2 Miles

Today was the absolute worst run of my life.  Usually it’s my lungs that stop me from running faster or longer, but today it was my legs.  I guess I didn’t realize how fatigued they were from yesterday’s long run.  They felt really heavy the whole way and they were telling my brain to just give up.  Giving up is not something that I do.  I just kept thinking of one of my favorite quotes, “Shut up legs. Do what I tell you to do.”  I was able to complete the run, but it was not easy.  I must have stopped about 10 times and I only ran six miles!  I usually don’t stop during my runs unless I am at a traffic light or I need water, but today I had to stop several times just to rest.  I just stood on the sidewalk catching my breath until my mind would allow me to start running again.  It was a very difficult mental battle and I am glad that I was able to get through it.

One good thing that happened on the run was that I got to see the park horses up close.  Inside the park along my running trail is a farm which houses a stable for all of these horses.  As someone who loves horses, it is a great sight to see during my run! During one of my breaks I stopped beside the horses and took a couple pictures.  I hope that I am able to have a better run tomorrow and then I will get a much needed off day!wpid-20150910_094617-1.jpg


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