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OUC Half Training – W1D1 – Distance 3 miles

Today was the first day of my training for the OUC Orlando Half Marathon in December.  I am currently using the Nike Plus app for my training.  The Nike plus app has different degrees of difficulty for different race distances so I chose the advanced half marathon plan.  It’s a bit ambitious, but I think I can handle it!  As mentioned before, over the summer I completed the beginning half plan with no race in mind and that training was pretty challenging.  I’m hoping that I can complete this training since I have completed one plan before and I am running more mileage now.  These “OUC Half Training” Posts are going to detail my Nike plus training and how I am dealing with it as I try to reach my goal of a sub 1:50 half marathon.

For today the Nike app wanted me to start the training by running an easy and comfortable three miles.  I don’t like running less than a 5k during a training run so I ran a little more than three miles.  The weather was an overcast 77 degrees which was nice, but there was still humidity involved.  I laced up my original Glycerin 12s ( I now own three pair) and then I hit the road. I usually try to run my best pace, not race pace but a pretty good pace, but not today.  I really want to stick with what the training plan calls for and it wanted me to take it easy, so I did.  I have been fatigued lately doing my own training so I hope this plan helps with that.

I ran my 5k running route around the neighborhood.  I felt pretty good and it really helped that there was no sun out.  I ended up running 3.3 miles at an easy pace which averaged to 9:19 per mile and for some reason my last mile was my fastest.  I think I just always want to get home sooner so I subconsciously speed up when I am close to my destination.  My total time was 30:44.  My legs felt pretty good after the run and I think I am ready for my first speed work out tomorrow!


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