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Working at the Rock N Run 5k

wpid-20150912_062430.jpgLast Saturday I worked my first race with Track Shack at the Rock N Run 5k in Casselberry.  Track Shack is a local running store here in Orlando that also works at and organizes races.  The Rock in Run 5k is one of the races they organize where there are actual live bands along the course, you can vote for your favorite after the race, and the winner receives a cash prize.  When my parents heard that I was working the race they decided to sign up to run it.

I had originally been looking into volunteering at a race because I wanted to get involved in the running community when I wasn’t away on a contract job in my industry.  I was put in touch with an event manager and they told me about their Day of Race position.  I was beyond excited because it would give me a chance to make extra money while I got to be around and help out the sport that I love!

On Saturday morning I awoke at 2:30 and just stayed in bed until it was closer to when my alarm was supposed to go off at 3 am.  I then got up, dressed and was out the door on my way to Casselberry.  I might have misjudged the time that it would take because I arrived 30 minutes early.

This job was a lot of hard work that I didn’t anticipate.  There was a ton of heavy lifting involved and strength training is something that I have been neglecting.  Basically I had to help set up the registration area including tables, sign, and banners.  When runners started to arrive at 6:30 I was put on the stroller registration table.  Strollers were allowed on the race course, but they had to be put in the back and not go over a certain pace, and a waiver had to be filled out.

During the race I was able to relax since my services weren’t needed.  I decided to watch the race and look for my parents to cross the finish line.  I saw my Mum come running by, but my dad was nowhere to be seen.  I found out later that as soon as the race started my dad took off and left my mom.  He is very competitive and wanted to get a really good time for his first 5k. He said, “I felt like a caged animal standing in the corral so when they opened it I exploded and took off!”  I am proud of both of my parents.  It was the first time for both of them being timed in a race and they had great finish times!  My mom’s chip time was 42:12 and my dad’s chip time was 36:16.

After awards were given out it was time to take everything down that we spent all morning putting up, and not just that we ended taking down all of the sponsor tents and tables as well.  By the end of it I felt like I had run a 5k!  I needed a much deserved breakfast after all of that hard work so I met my parents at Cracker Barrel to get my favorite post race meal.  The race working experience was a lot of fun and I definitely plan on working at some more in the future!


4 thoughts on “Working at the Rock N Run 5k

  1. Wow, Robyn, imagine your dad taking off and leaving your mom in the dust!!! I cannot even imagine this!! Those two are such a hoot! Your mom, for some reason, wouldn’t come over ant examine the snakes this past week….CHICKEN!! LOL. You volunteering there sounds like a great idea. You’ll learn a lot about the ‘guts’ of the organization. Im so proud of you. XOXO

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    • Thank you Aunt Linda! I couldn’t believe it either, I expected them to finish the race together, lol. You have snakes! Yeah, my mom is really scared of snakes.


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