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OUC Half Training – W1D3 – Distance 5 miles

Apparently I have to fear for my life during my morning runs because drivers don’t look out for pedestrians.  When someone pulls out to turn right in front of me they only look to their left for oncoming traffic, so I have to always be watching and on alert.  This happened to me this morning and I had the crosswalk symbol telling me that I had the right of way, but the driver was only looking one direction.  I noticed, so I waited until he left to cross so I wouldn’t get hit.  I just wish that drivers realized that there are people out there running, walking, or on bicycles and they should watch out for them.  In Florida pedestrians have the right away no matter what, but some drivers don’t seem to care.

Anyway, today I was supposed to do an easy 5 mile run.  The Nike training plan always has an easy day after a speed workout or long run, which my legs were very thankful for today.  They felt great yesterday, but were a little sore on today’s run.  I ended up going 5.17 in 48:11.  The weather wasn’t too hot at 75 degrees and I kept the run easy like the app said.  I felt pretty good when I was done and can’t wait for some cross training tomorrow!


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