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OUC Half Training – W1D4 – Cross-Training

20150728_200315Today was my first cross-training day of the new training plan and apparently my last.  There aren’t anymore cross-training days scheduled, so I guess I will have to cross-train on my easy run days.  I always have trouble coming up with something to do on these days because I get bored very easily with exercises that aren’t running.  Since I haven’t found any local yoga classes yet I decided to use my Pilates machine, do push ups and then dance with my Xbox.

First up was my Pilates machine.  I did different workouts for my arms and legs while watching Girl Meets World on Netflix; don’t judge me.  Arm strength is one of the things that I am lacking, so I should probably start using the machine more often.  It uses resistance bands and pulleys to stretch, balance, and strengthen the body.  I felt pretty good after and I could really feel the burn in my arms.

dancecentral3_mainNext was dancing time!  I absolutely love my Xbox kinect because I love to get a good workout in while I am playing a game. Since I have been away from my Xbox recently I haven’t been able to dance with it so I decided to use it in my cross training today.  My favorite game is Dance Central because the dances can be challenging and they are a lot of fun.  The game also has a calorie counter and a playlist option.  I used one of my old playlists that I had created with fourteen songs on it so it went from song to song with little breaks in-between.  During the breaks between songs I had time to do five push-ups each.  By the end of the work out I was very tired and according to my Xbox I burned about 150 calories just with the dancing.  Today’s workout lasted about an hour.  I had fun, but I can’t wait to get another run in tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “OUC Half Training – W1D4 – Cross-Training

  1. Hi Robyn, I would have written earlier, but I had to take a nap after reading everything you’ve accomplished today…WHEW!! I hope you’re taking your vitamins girl!!! If you keep that pace going, you should do very well in the competition. Keep up the good work :)… YAWN..I have to go back to bed..LOL

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    • Thank you Aunt Linda! I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. I enjoy reading your comments 🙂 I need to get some more vitamins from my vitamin specialist: my sister.


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