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Magical Run Bands


I never knew how great having a good running headband was until I actually had one, so I would like to share information on the bands that I have found.  After I signed up for the Princess Half Marathon I started joining Facebook groups about the event and on one of them I came across Magical Run Bands.  They are made by a mom that loves Disney and running.  Some other members in the Facebook group had used them and loved them so I thought I would give them a try.

My initial reason for wanting to try them was because of the designs.  They are all Disney inspired in the shape of Mickey heads and she has a ton to choose from!  Now everyone who knows me knows that I love pumpkins and I love the Mickey pumpkin designs during Halloween, so I had to get that design on a headband.  She has bands based on almost every Disney character you can think of!  There are even Star Wars, Avengers, and Disney parks ones and she has new designs created all the time.

After I received my bands I decided to go for a run with a different one each day to try them out.  A lot of headbands I have tried have either not stayed on my head or they have not done their job in keeping my hair out of my face.  The Magical Run Bands did both in addition to being very comfortable on my head.  It didn’t matter if I wore the band further back on my head or mostly on my forehead to catch my sweat, it still stayed on.  They are made out of moisture-wicking material and are machine washable.

Another thing I like is the customer service.  This woman is very friendly and answers questions promptly. If you would like to order any of the bands you can find them on the Magical Run Bands Facebook page.  All of the different bands that are available are pictured on the page in different albums according to the theme.  To order you have to send the page a message telling her what bands you would like to purchase.  She will ask what color you want the band and even send photos of the design on different band colors so you can choose easier.  Once your order is decided, she will send you an invoice through PayPal and that’s it!  Within a day your order is on its way.

As someone who loves deals, I also would like to mention that the bands are a great price for the value.  They are $8 a band or 2 or more for $6 a piece and $2.50 shipping.  There is also a deal that if you buy five bands you get one free with free shipping.  These bands are really a great quality and they look good as well.  If you plan one buying some please tell her Robyn from A Princess in Training sent you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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