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OUC Half Training – W2D11 – Distance 3 miles

Last Wednesday was my cross training day. This week the plan called for an easy and comfortable 3 mile run. I actually ran 3.31 in 31:29. I always run a little extra to make it to a certain landmark before I tun around, no idea why. I really enjoyed this easy run and my legs felt recovered from Monday’s speed workout. Since my run was the shortest of the week I decided to do a bit of cross training as well. In the afternoon I used my Pilates Flow Form machine to work on my arms and legs using the resistance bands to build strength. After that I danced to a couple songs from Just Dance 2015 on my Xbox 360. It was a great way to end my cross training workout.

Earlier today I saw someone post this on Facebook: “I’ve never even run a 5k and I’m doing the half. I’m in pretty good shape so I am not concerned.” I just wanted to show that and stress that training is very important. Training helps your body get accustomed to the distance physically, and helps you prepare mentally for the long road ahead. A half marathon, or any race distance for that matter, should not be taken lightly and you should have enough time to build up to the distance. If you go out there without training or not enough training and try to run or walk the distance you are risking injury. I just had to put that out there because I see people online all the time taking these races lightly just because they plan on doing walk intervals. Running a half marathon is a big accomplishment and should be treated as one.

As a side note we got a new kitten tonight! Lion really needed a friend so meet Kya:



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