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OUC Half Training – W2D12 – Distance 4 miles

As a warm up for my long run tomorrow the Nike Plus app had me run four miles; three easy and one at a faster pace.  It was another nice overcast day, but I still did the easy miles like the plan called for.  I’m really trying to do my runs as close to the plan as possible hoping I will receive the results that I want.  My first three miles were all around 9:40 and then my last mile I sped up to 8:35.  The entire four miles took 37:33 giving me an average pace of 9:22.

This evening I supported Gryffindor at the opening of the first Thinkgeek store, wearing my Hogwarts Running Club shirt.  For those of you that don’t know, Thinkgeek is a website that sells merchandise from different fandoms that can be considered “geek.”  GameStop bought them earlier this year and decided to open stores around the country.  The first one they opened was right here in Orlando at the Florida Mall!  My sister told me about the grand opening VIP event and I decided to meet her and her family there.  There was a ribbon cutting and then we were allowed in to look around the store as well as receive complementary pins and comic books and free smoothies and pretzels from Jamba Juice.  Here are some pictures of the event:


My Nephew

My Nephew



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