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Friday App of the Day: Mi Fit

wpid-miband.jpgThe app I am going to write about today isn’t just an app; it’s an app for a fitness tracker.  Around last Christmas I almost bought a Fitbit.  I really wanted something that would track my everyday fitness, my running and my sleep pattern.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I really needed a gps watch to accurately track my running, something that I still haven’t acquired.  I was still on the fence about which fitness tracker to buy so in the meantime I looked for a cheaper alternative.  My boyfriend, Chris, had come across the Mi Band from a Malaysian company called Xiaomi.  He found them on a website for about $12, so I thought what could it hurt to try it out?  I am so glad I did!  This fitness tracker is very accurate and has some great features that I would like to tell you about along with the very user friendly app called Mi Fit that you have to use with the band.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-25-15-13-25-1.pngStep Counter:  The reason most people buy fitness trackers is to count their steps and see how active they are during the day. The app shows your total steps and even updates live as you walk around.  One thing I love is that it shows a breakdown of your walking steps versus your running steps.  The running steps are also shown in miles and mine are usually only about .2 off from my Nike app which is great considering the band doesn’t have gps and even gps devices can be off by that much. You can set a goal for your daily step count and when you reach it, the Mi Band vibrates and the three lights on the band light up to let you know.  In the settings you can even change the color of the notification lights on your band.  Mine are Orange right now.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-25-15-56-51-1.pngSleep Tracker:  If you don’t care about your daily steps, it is worth it to just get the band for the sleep features.  The Mi Band tracks when you fall asleep and wake up and even shows when you were in deep sleep or light sleep.  This is great to know because you should have enough deep sleep during the night so you are fully rested when you awake in the morning.  The band also acts as an alarm.  You can set alarms through the app and the band will vibrate to wake you up at your set time. You can also turn on the early bird feature which will wake you up according to which sleep cycle you are currently in.  It looks thirty minutes before your alarm is set and makes sure it wakes you up while you are in light sleep.  This will make you feel rested when you awake as opposed to waking up during deep sleep.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-24-20-01-52-1.pngBattery Life:  Unlike most fitness trackers the Mi Band has excellent battery life.  It is said to last for a month before you have to recharge, but I have gone way more than that before charging.  You can check the battery right through the app.  It tells you the percentage of charge left and how many days since it has last been charged.  Currently mine is at 22%, but I last charged it 32 days ago when I was in Boston.  Also on the battery screen is an option that says Find Band.  When you select that the band starts vibrating and lighting up.  It can be useful if you misplace the band or have to distinguish it from someone else’s band.

Call notification:  The Mi Band has a great feature where it will vibrate and light up when you are getting a call on your phone.  This is great if you work in an office where you can’t have your ringer volume on, but you still would like to know if you are getting a call.  I am usually bad about not having my phone volume up or on vibrate, so now I don’t miss any calls.

wpid-20150925_155926-1.jpgChangeable bands:  When you buy the Mi band it comes with a plain black band color.  On their website you can buy extra bands in a variety of colors.  The tracker is also really easy to take out of the band and switch to another.  There are other sites online to buy accessories from.  My parents bought a paw print one for me from one of those sites that I absolutely love.

Other features:  I wanted to briefly touch on some extra functionality. There is a customized version of the Mi Fit app on the Xiaomi  forums that expands the notification features to let you set up customized alerts for anything on your phone. Another thing to note is that the Mi Band itself is IP67 Water resistant, so you can shower and swim in shallow water with it. Finally, the app can sync data with Google Fit.

I am so glad that I purchased a Mi Band.  It has been a great way to track my daily activity and sleep patterns.  It is also a great value for the price!  You can find out more information about the Mi Band and even purchase one on their site here.  The price of the band on the site is 59 Malaysian Ringgit which is about $13 USD.  To give you a comparison, it has all of the features of the Fitbit Flex and then some, with superior battery life, and the Flex retails at $99. If you are looking for a great fitness tracker go with the Mi Band.  You will not be disappointed!


8 thoughts on “Friday App of the Day: Mi Fit

  1. It sounds really neat! My garmin tracks my steps but doesn’t break it down that way. The sleep function sounds really useful. If my mother in-law’s phone would work with it, it would be great for her since she’s starting to try to get active!

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      • I had a fitbit for about a month and then it stopped charging. I returned it with the intent of making an exchange and just picking up a new one, but I got side tracked at the store and walked out with a new Keurig and forgot the fitbit. Because of my running I’ve considered getting either the fitbit or the garmin that has the built in gps, but they’ve been out of my price range. So hopefully this will be nice option until I’m able to get the all in one version.

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        • Hahaha, Keurig’s are great! My mom has a Fitbit and it has stopped charging twice, so she is on her third Fitbit now. I had her get a Mi band and she hasn’t had any problems with it. I am waiting to get a Garmin watch. I’m hoping I can find a deal after Thanksgiving. Then I will probably use both; I love running gadgets! I hope your Mi Band arrives soon!

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