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OUC Half Training – W2D13 – Distance 10 miles

I got up at seven this morning to try to beat the heat for my 10 mile run.  It worked because I didn’t start feeling real hot until my last mile or so.  The one bad thing about getting up that early was that the park wasn’t open until later during my run.  I ran past it right after mile two and the gate was shut; it doesn’t open until 8.  I had planned on running four miles in the park, but when I was reminded of its later opening by the closed gate I made a mental change of plans.  Instead I ran an extra mile after my three mile turn around spot and then all the way back to the park.  By then I was at six miles and I only needed to make one loop around the park and head home for a total of ten miles.

The run felt amazing!  I haven’t felt this good on a run in a long time.  Maybe it’s because I got up earlier instead of sleeping in.  When the run finished I actually felt like I could keep going.  My split times reflected this because my last two miles were my fastest.  I completed the ten miles in 1:33:51  giving me an average pace of 9:22.  I will enjoy my well-deserved rest day tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “OUC Half Training – W2D13 – Distance 10 miles

  1. Robyn…this is fantastic!! Remember when you used to wake up half asleep during high school, drive to work on Saturday and Sunday and the day would be half over before you knew it?? It is a good trick to play on your mind. This is why, when I worked at the hospital ER, I loved getting the 7-3 shift!! Congratulations on your endurance..ps Holly wants to run with you (:
    Love ya Auntie Linda

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