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OUC Half Training – W3D20 – Distance 12 miles

Today was my long run and it was the most mileage that I have done in the plan so far:  12 miles.  Long runs are supposed to be done at an easy, comfortable pace.  Instead of just running laps in the park like I’ve been doing I decided to run around the neighborhood block which is about 7 miles long.  I then planned to run past the condo, turn around and come back to make up the rest of the twelve miles.  I also figured that mileage would include a trip to the water fountain in the park.  When I left it was really cloudy out and there was a mist in the air.  It felt rather good as I became warmed up about a mile in. When I got to the park at about two miles I was rather thirsty and regretted not bringing my hydration pack.  I was surprised to see that the pedestrian gate to the park was opened even though the park wasn’t supposed to be open yet.  I decided to run through the park to add to the mileage so I didn’t have to do as much after I passed my place at the end of the run.


Running through the park was very peaceful and beautiful.  I passed the horses at the farm and had to stop to take a picture of them on the way.  Shortly after the horses I made it to the first water fountain which has really cold water that was very delicious. By the time I left the park it started raining.  I was very grateful that it was lightly raining, and the sun was hidden behind some clouds.  Unfortunately, at about mile seven the sun did show itself and the rain stopped.

I arrived back at my complex having completed only 9.75 miles, after going past it a bit and turning back around.  Then I decided to finish the rest of the run on the treadmill because of how hot it was getting outside.  Since I only had 2.25 miles to go and they were supposed to be slow, I decided I would try one of the other treadmills that usually stops during my speed workouts.  I only got .6 of a mile before it stopped dead and I was forced to switch treadmills.  I went to my trusty old treadmill and finished my workout after unplugging the other one.  The entire twelve miles took 1:56:06 giving me an average pace of 9:40.  My legs felt very fatigued after the run and I can’t wait for my rest day tomorrow!


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