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OUC Half Training – W4D23 – Distance 8 miles

Today’s speed workout was really tough.  It might have been because of my lack of sleep throughout the night or because of the big breakfast that I ate with my family before my run.  Anyways, it was a challenge and doing it on a treadmill made it that much more of a challenge.  I was supposed to do an eight mile interval run.  The first mile was a slow and comfortable warm up and even that seemed hard.  It took me over ten minutes.  The next six miles were the intervals; 3/4s of a mile at a faster pace and then 1/4 at a slower pace.  My faster pace ranged between 7:30 and 9:00 pace per mile.  I changed paces the entire time because I couldn’t keep the 7:30 pace the entire interval like I normally do during my speed workouts.  During the entire six mile speed interval I averaged an 8:37 pace per mile and then I did a one mile cool down.  Due to how bad I was feeling I had to stop a few times during the run to catch my breath, and I drank too much water from the water fountain.  The water was so cold and tasted so good I couldn’t resist gulping it down, which caused me to feel even worse after the run.  I was really glad when I finally finished and at an 8:56 pace which is pretty good!

I did get to try out some new gear during my run.  I received a Brooks run happy tech shirt from my parents for my birthday and a Magical Run Band from my sister, also for my birthday.  They were a great comfort to run in!  I also tried out my SilverAir Socks that I received for supporting a kickstarter.  They are supposed to be made from silver yarn that eliminates odor.  I have to say that the socks did not stink after the run.  I may write a review on them in the future after I have run in them a bit more.



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    • Thanks! My Birthday is actually tomorrow; my family just usually celebrates it the closest weekend to my actual Birthday because that is when they can get here. I love running gifts! My sister also gave me a basket full of protein bars, energy gels, and protein shake powder. I can’t wait to fuel with those during training!

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