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OUC Half Training – W4D26 – Distance 5 miles

Today was another one of those days where I did not want to get out of bed in the morning.  I usually do this during times when I am stressed or worried about something and I have been stressed about having to go back to Boston on Sunday.  It’s only for a month, but any long amount of time away from home is still stressful and lonely.  I will get to come home on the weekend of November 7th because I will be working with Track Shack at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  I’m excited that I get to work at a Disney race, but then it is back to Boston until the week before Thanksgiving.  Anyway, today was a five mile run in my training plan.  I feel that anything less than 6 miles is doable on a treadmill, so I was able to let myself sleep in.  I actually felt pretty good on the treadmill!  I was supposed to run the first four miles at a slow pace and the last mile at a faster pace.  Instead I treated the whole run as a progression run where the last mile was really fast.  I find the treadmill unbearable unless I am playing with the speed the whole time.  The entire five miles took 46:49 giving me a pace of 9:21 and a last mile of 8:25.  Now to rest up before my early long run tomorrow!


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