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OUC Half Training – W5D29 – Distance 5 miles

This morning was a great last run in Florida before I had to board my plane and head back to Boston.  I usually get up later on Sundays so I wasn’t used to the empty, car-less streets; it was really nice and peaceful.  As time went on I began to see more people on the sidewalks (mostly runners), and vehicles on the road.  Today was an easy five mile run with the last mile at a faster pace.  I ended up running the last mile in 8:24 with the entire 5.19 miles taking 48:58.  I felt good, though I am starting to have doubts about my race again.  That last mile was really tough and that was the average pace I was hoping to run the half in.  I know I just have to think of the positives, believe in myself, and trust in my training.

I am currently back in Boston.  I am rather disappointed that I only spotted one orange and red leafed tree in the common on the way to the hotel.  In Florida, our leaves don’t change to the pretty reds and oranges; they go from green to brown.  I’m excited to experience more Fall after seeing some for the first time last year in Virginia.  I don’t think I will be running with Nike this trip because their long run days fall on my rest days and I really want to stick to my plan.  I guess I am back to running by myself, which isn’t a terrible thing; I can focus more on my training that way.  It turns out that this week I have two off days in my training plan and one falls on Wednesday, so I just signed up for the Yoga class at the Nike store.  It should be fun and relaxing!


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