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OUC Half Training – W5D30 – Distance 8 miles

Today’s speed workout wasn’t that bad.  It was a progression run, which in my opinion is the easiest of the speed workouts.  The first three miles were a warm up so I started at a ten minute per mile pace and increased the speed each mile ending with a 9:40 pace.  After that I began the speed progression part of the workout.  For the next four miles I increased the speed every half mile and every quarter mile on the last two.  My ending pace was 7:30, then I completed a one mile cool down.  By the end of the progression I was pretty tired.  I’m really glad that I woke up early to complete the run.  There was a moment this morning when I thought about falling back asleep and completing the workout at 7 pm when I got off work; I’m really glad that did not happen.

Since I am staying in a hotel for the week I was able to run in the gym there.  The hotel gym is pretty nice with all new equipment.  During the run I watched various videos on the treadmill’s touch screen.  This may be one of the reasons that today’s run wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.  Sometimes it is nice to have a mental distraction while completing a hard workout and that distraction this morning was in the form of videos of animals and music videos.  After the run I completed some stretches and then left the gym.  I’m really looking forward to running outside in the cool Boston air tomorrow morning!


2 thoughts on “OUC Half Training – W5D30 – Distance 8 miles

  1. Hey Robyn I think you forgot to say goodbye before you left the state!! Hopefully you will back soon, I thought you were going there to run along the river, but you fooled me! Good Luck! Auntie Linda

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