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OUC Half Training – W5D31 – Distance 7 miles

New Zealand on the treadmill

Running through New Zealand on the treadmill

I had planned on running my seven easy miles outside today, but the weather had other ideas. After I got dressed and got my running gear together, I headed down the elevator and to the lobby. It was there that I heard someone say that it was raining. I went out the front door and sure enough it was raining! The temperature was in the sixties, so it was a lot colder rain than Florida. I headed around the corner and back inside to the gym. I wasn’t really mentally prepared to run that long on a treadmill today, so the workout was tougher than I would have liked it to be.
The treadmills at the gym have a course feature where you can run in a few different places around the world including Germany, New Zealand, and the Grand Canyon. After you select the location you want you select the incline level. Today I selected the lowest one which went in between 1.2 and 3.5 throughout the workout. It was a nice change to have scenery to view while on a treadmill, but I wish that the speed of the camera would have changed with my speed. Sometimes the camera even stopped completely while I’m still moving which was a little jarring. I changed speeds throughout the run and finished in 1:06:02. I didn’t feel great during the workout, but I am glad that I pushed through and completed it.


One thought on “OUC Half Training – W5D31 – Distance 7 miles

  1. Hi Robyn, I am not you, and I’m glad.. Sounds like you’re in for a hard run. Funny thought, I was talking to Rose one day and thought one of those “Why Don’t They??” ideas. I thought runing would be so much fun if we had a screen around that was slotted but let A/C through the slots. then I thought sound should be added so we could ‘visit’ other places as we jogged. It sounds like someone beat me to it. Boredom is one of the biggest negatives of running, and second is safety. Fortunately you are in the generation of virtual everything…YAY!! Love you Princess Ducharme 🙂

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