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OUC Half Training – W5D32 – Yoga and Rest

Since today was marked as a rest day on my training schedule, I decided to sign up for the Nike Run Club yoga class. My hotel is about half a mile away, so I did an easy run there and back. The weather was great! No idea what happened to the rain yesterday since I only saw it at the exact moment I tried to go out for a run. Today it was clear skies and cold; the 50s are cold to me. It gave me a chance to try out my new ASICS arm warmers that I bought a couple weeks ago, which worked great by the way.

I hadn’t practiced yoga since I was last in Boston, so the class was challenging to say the least.  It amazes me how we could do the same kind of moves in different ways and it felt like a completely different workout.  There were a couple new moves and it seemed like this class was more difficult than the ones I had done before. Despite how hard some of the moves were, I tried all of them even though my legs were shaking during some. After the workout we took a group photo and then I ran another half mile back to the hotel through the cool Boston air. The rest of the day my legs felt fatigued: the mark of a great workout!


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