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OUC Half Training – W5D33 – Distance 2 Miles

wpid-20151015_124707-1.jpgWhen my alarm went off at 7:30 this morning I was exhausted so I decided to lay back down and sleep in a bit more.  The extra sleep felt great, but that meant I had to find time to run later in the day.  The good thing was that I only had to run two miles.  I decided that I would take a lunch break and head back to my hotel to go to the gym.  About noon I headed over there and was glad to see that my favorite treadmill was available.  The gym has plenty of treadmills, but this particular one doesn’t have a machine next to it and it has a view of the workout studio where classes are taken.  I figure that if I get bored while running I could watch what’s going on in the classroom and learn some new workout routines.  It also motivates me because I’d rather be running than doing anything that goes on in there.

I completed my run with the course feature on the treadmill.  This time I was in America running on the Pacific Crest Trail.  The trail goes from Mexico all the way to Canada.  It is a beautiful trail and I would love to visit it for real someday.  I started with a one mile cool down and then went into a very fast half mile.  After that I did a half mile cool down to complete my two miles.  I finished in 18:36 which is great considering that most of it was supposed to be slow and there was an incline on the treadmill the whole time.  Tomorrow I am in for a very hard 12 mile long run.  Wish me luck!


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