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OUC Half Training – W6D37 – Distance 8 Miles

This morning I woke up freezing, which made me really not want to get out of my warm bed for my training run. It was 32 degrees! I really had no idea that it got that cold here in October; I don’t think I brought enough warm clothes. Today was my speed workout. I was supposed to run a 4 to 1 Fartlek: four minutes fast, one minute slow, and a mile warmup and cooldown. Since it was a speed workout I decided to run to the gym and back. It turns out that I am half a mile away so I only had to run 7 miles on the treadmill.

The workout felt pretty good! I watched the news on the treadmill as I ran. That was able to distract me enough so I wasn’t thinking about the speed the entire time. Including the half mile there and back, the entire 8.15 miles took me 1:10:22 giving me an average pace of 8:38! I may have run the first half mile and last half mile faster than I intended. I was really just trying to warm up and get inside as soon as possible.


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