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OUC Half Training – W6D38 – Distance 7 Miles

wpid-20151020_080256.jpgI was almost hit a couple times today. It amazes me that with the great amount of runners that are out in the morning, drivers still only watch out for other drivers. Both times this morning the driver was looking at oncoming traffic and they did not look the other direction for a runner before they pulled out. I anticipated this and ran accordingly to avoid being hit. When you run you should think that all drivers are distracted and won’t see you and anticipate everything. That’s not how it should be, but that is how it has to be.

This morning was pretty chilly, but still about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. I thought about going to the gym, but when I walked outside I was able to endure the cold so I headed to the Charles River. This apartment is farther from the river than the last time I was in Boston so it took me about a mile to get there. My Nike+ plan today called for an easy 7 mile run. I completed one lap around the river, turned right after the bridge for a half a mile, then turned around and headed back. When I made it home I had about half a mile to go so I ran around there a bit. I’ve had a headache for a couple days so it wasn’t the best run, but I did finish and I got to try out my new running tights! I finished in 1:07:51 and for some reason my legs started hurting later in the day. I hope a good night’s rest is all they need before I head back out there tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “OUC Half Training – W6D38 – Distance 7 Miles

  1. Robyn, you are amazing! You are there running so well, and your dad is in a baseball tournament. Your family is admirable. I’m sure Jen will be out running today and your mom after work. WOW!!! Your neighbor/admirer! 🙂

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