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OUC Half Training – W6D39 – Distance 5 Miles

wpid-20151021_074919.jpgToday’s five mile run was pretty hard.  I thought I was going fast, but my Nike app said otherwise.  I averaged a 9:30 pace, but that was with my first mile being almost 10 minutes!  I thought it was because I had to watch out for traffic that first mile, but I continued to run slow as I entered the river pathways.  I shouldn’t get discouraged because this happens all the time.  I have really good runs and then there are runs where my head is just not in it and I am slower than usual.  I think it might also be part of my training program.  I’ve been doing very well during my long runs and speed workouts and I’ve gone slower on my midweek easy runs.  They are easy runs so they should be slow and I guess the plan is set up to force me to into running slower than I usually would because I am tired from my long runs and speed workouts during the week.

wpid-20151020_081130.jpgI didn’t run around the river today, but along it.  I took a left when I entered and ran all the way past the Harvard Bridge and the Kenmore Square / Fenway area.  My plan was to run for two and a half miles and then turn around and head back the exact way that I came.  This area had fewer runners, but a lot more cyclists that I had to watch out for.  Along the way I saw an old man out on a dock practicing yoga; he looked very peaceful.  I also saw a cardboard box on the riverbank with a blanket covering the opening like a door and what looked like a pillow underneath.  This made me sad and appreciate how lucky I am for everything that I have.  I also thought about how that person is going to survive through all the cold nights that are coming this winter.  On the way back I ran a little faster, which always happens now at the end of my runs.  Near Prudential I passed a cop arresting someone; it was holding up traffic for people trying to turn onto Boylston Street.  I finally made it back to my apartment after a little over 48 minutes.


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