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The Costume Journey: Part One

246635_185362561_XLargeThe main reason that I run Disney races is because they allow me to run through the parks. Growing up in North Central Florida, my family took many vacation trips to Disney World. I remember being so happy there during my childhood and each time I am there I am reminded of those memories. Running can be difficult at times and being in a place that brings me joy and happiness during a race has its advantages. I will never forget entering EPCOT during my first Disney run: the 2015 Frozen 5k. As I turned the corner and ran between Mexico and Norway I looked around and was astonished at how beautiful it was. The entire world showcase was lit up in the dark, early morning sky and I couldn’t help shedding a tear. The 5k wasn’t timed, but the next morning I was able to set a PR during the 10k from the motivation that running through Disney World gave me.

The next reason that I love Disney races is because of the costumes. I don’t wear full out costumes, but I do modify running clothes and tech material to make the look that I am going for. Last Princess race weekend I bought a Sparkle Athletic Minnie Mouse skirt for the 5k. Sparkle Athletic makes some great light-weight and comfortable running skirts to wear over compression shorts or running capris. For the 10k I wanted to make my own costume (with the help of my mother, of course). I received a sewing machine for Christmas one year and wanted to start learning how to use it. I have to say that the costume turned out great!

This year I plan on making another costume for my first Princess Half Marathon. I figure I can afford to make one costume per year. Next I had to decide which princess to dress up as. A couple people suggested the same one and I loved the idea! The fun part was coming up with the design; after the princess was decided, the ideas just started flowing.

I have decided to write a series of posts on my costume creation, so this is the first of many. Now without further ado here is a picture of who I am going to dress as during the 2016 Princess Half Marathon:



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