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OUC Half Training – W7D43 – Distance 5 Miles

I decided to run in the gym today because when I woke up it was raining.  It wasn’t pouring out, but I thought the cold and the rain together would make for a really painful run.  I was supposed to run four miles at a comfortable pace and then the last mile faster, but since the gym is only half a mile a way and I didn’t want to stop during my fast mile I changed it up a bit.

When I left my apartment I started my Nike and Charity Miles apps and then headed straight for the gym.  I arrived there a little over half a mile later.  When I entered the gym I went straight for my favorite treadmill.  I had paused the Nike app while in the gym and used just the treadmill to track my run.  The run on the treadmill went pretty well.  I watched the news during it to make the treadmill more bearable,  I ran four miles on the treadmill with the fourth mile being my fastest at about 8:18.  After that I got a mat and began my stretching routine.  I only had half a mile to go so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to stretch before that half mile.  I also like to use their equipment at the gym.  The run back home was kind of fast because I could’t wait to get back out of the cold.  The entire 5.14 miles took 46:37 and I felt great afterwards!  Now for more shopping in Boston!


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