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Hogwarts Magical Run Bands

While out running one morning with my Hogwarts Running Club shirt and my Magical Run Band on, a thought came to me.  The one thing I have not seen posted about on the Hogwarts Running Club are Hogwarts running headbands, and then I thought how great it would be if I had a Gryffindor one to match my running shirt.  The rest of the run I imagined what the different designs might look like. I thought it was a perfect idea because there are a lot of Gryffindor members that plan on running in different Disney races.

12181992_1408694609155731_250643719_nWeeks later (I know, procrastination) I contacted Magical Run Bands and she loved my idea!  She started designing them right away.  With a little input from me, she created these wonderful designs and they are available for ordering today!  You can order them on her Facebook page here by messaging her.  Like usual she will ask you what band color you would like and then you pay through Paypal.  Don’t forget to tell her that Robyn from A Princess in Training sent you!  I can’t wait for mine to come in the mail!


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