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OUC Half Training – W7D45 – Distance 7 Miles

wpid-20151027_081048.jpgWow, it was so cold out this morning!  I can’t believe that this is October, though I’ve never been this far up north this time of the year so I’m not sure what it should feel like.  I looked at my phone and it said 39 degrees so I wore running tights, arm warmers, a long sleeve shirt, and my Magical Run Band over my ears.  Despite all of this gear I was still cold.  I didn’t know exactly how long my loop around the river was from my new place, so I thought this seven mile run was the perfect time to find out.

The river was so beautiful is the early morning cold.  The sun was out and it seems everyday there are more and more trees with changing leaves. I love the color of Fall here and I had the strongest desire to set up an easel and paint.  I haven’t painted in a long time, but I may start again when I get home.  I didn’t paint, but I did take a lot of photos with my phone.

After the first mile when I had warmed up a bit, I felt pretty good during my easy run.  the loop ended up being about six miles long so I retraced some of my steps and then turned around to make up the distance.  I finished 7.08 miles in 1:06:24 with a 9:23 average pace.  I will leave you with photos from today’s run:




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