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OUC Half Training – W7D46 – Distance 5 Miles

No matter how I feel in the morning, when I’m done, I am always glad I ran.  Running makes me feel energized and awake as soon as I leave the doorstep.  As I waited there for the cross walk symbol, freezing, right down the steps, I think, “there’s no turning back now.”  As soon as the white crossing guy lights up I am off into the cool morning air.  Immediately, I feel alive and ready for anything.  There is no more dreading getting out of bed or trying to rationalize rescheduling my run.  In the end I get up and head out anyway, or at least whenever I have a strict training plan that I am following.  I want to see if the plan works, so I am doing everything that it says.

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-28-17-06-03-1.pngToday the plan said to run five miles at an easy, comfortable pace.  I was really thankful that I have two five mile runs in a row.  I really need a break.  It is crazy to think that five mile runs are now my easy runs.  I did pretty well on the run and accidentally ran a progression as you can see by my splits on the left.  I was surprised that my last mile was so fast because I had to stop for lights and there is a big hill from Boylston street to Prudential.  Luckily that part is not far from my apartment, so I got to rest afterwards.  The entire 5.07 miles took 47.41 giving me an pace of 9:24.


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