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OUC Half Training – W7D48 – Distance 14 Miles

Today was another very early long run. My alarm was set for 5:45, but I woke up a little before that for some reason; I guess my body was ready for the run. It was a tough one, my longest run yet! 14 miles! I decided beforehand that I was going to run my loop around the river and then onto the Gardens and the Common. I figured that it would be about seven miles, so I would do that route twice. The temperature said 48, so I dressed for a little warmer weather because the run was so long. It was a bit cold until I warmed up and I was greatly regretting not bringing my arm warmers.

wpid-20151030_062308.jpgThe City was really beautiful that early in the morning and watching the sun rise above the Boston skyline was the perfect way to start the day. My first three miles were pretty slow. I am really thinking that I may need to warm up before my half marathon because after I run a bit it becomes easier and I get faster. My fastest part had to come at the long downhill in the Common from the State House to the Public Gardens. That section always has me in the eight minute mile range. At a little less than seven miles I made it back to my starting point, then I turned around and completed the whole thing in the other direction. This meant that I had to go up the steep incline which was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be.

wpid-20151030_065727.jpgAfter I got back to the river area I stopped at a water fountain and took out my energy gel from my SPIbelt. This time it was Strawberry Kiwi and I ate it as I ran. That was a little difficult because at the end of it I accidentally squirted some on my hands, causing them to be sticky. I planned on stopping at the next water fountain to have a sip and clean up, but it was not working! No water would come out. There was a construction crew near by, so I figured they could have cut the line. I continued on a couple more miles to the next water fountain. That one wouldn’t work either! At this point I was really thirsty so I took some thirst quenching gum out of my belt. I had bought it at City Sports a couple weeks ago and it really works! I was able to finish my run without dying from thirst.

At about mile eleven my legs started to feel sore. I just had to keep thinking that I was almost finished; I had less than a 5k left! Those last couple miles were tough, but I was able to complete it and in a great time! I finished 14.04 miles in 2:12:18. Not only was that good, but I ran my fastest half marathon! According to the Nike Plus app I finished 13.1 miles in about two hours and two minutes. Until today my fastest half had been two hours seven minutes. I am really going to enjoy my off day tomorrow. In the morning I am going to the Boston Common Costume Dash 5k. Don’t worry, I’m just watching not running. It should be fun!



2 thoughts on “OUC Half Training – W7D48 – Distance 14 Miles

  1. Robyn, I hope you are feeling great by now. You sound very uplifted and ready to go. I’m very proud of your success today. GO ROBYN!! Does your mom have to run 14 miles today also?? I was thinking of going out on patrol to see if she needed picking up. LOL..She really does well on her runs though. She’s looking good!! Enjoy your day off. Love you!

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    • I am feeling good. I am working very hard so I will hopefully have a great race. lol, my mom isn’t up to 14 miles quite yet. She is doing great and I am very proud of her. Thank you! Love you too!


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