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OUC Half Training – W8D50 – Distance 5 Miles

wpid-20151101_171905.jpgI was in Worcester visiting family this weekend so I didn’t get a chance to run this morning like I normally do on Sundays. I did, however, run when I got back at about five. It was almost dark out when I left because of the time change. I ran towards the gym in case I felt like going in there instead, but it was so nice out that I ran past it and headed for the Public Gardens. I didn’t have a clear idea where I was running, so I just ran. I ended up running through the Gardens a bit and then over the bridge and to the river. When I got to the river I looked out toward Cambridge and just thought how beautiful everything looked. The sun was almost done setting behind the buildings so there was an orange glow over the skyline. I continued on to the Harvard Bridge and ran along the river on the other side a bit. When I reached three miles I turned around and headed back. At that point it was completely dark out. The Boston Skyline looked absolutely breathtaking all lit up in the night sky as I made my way back over the bridge towards it. I remembered thinking how lucky I was to be able to have this view as I ran; it gave me this unexplained happiness and made me feel so alive as the cool night air touched my skin.

wpid-20151101_173327.jpgThe run felt great, but a night run is not something I will do often. There aren’t as many lights on the paths as I would have liked, so I was always scared that I would trip on something, which I almost did. There were also more non-runners blocking the paths just standing there. I ran into a few. I also don’t usually feel energized that late in the day so I was extremely proud of myself for getting out there after a long and tiring weekend. My time was pretty great too! I finished 5.01 miles in 46:43 with the last mile taking 8:17! I am working hard with this plan because I want to be able to say that I tried my best during my training and hopefully it will pay off come race day!


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