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The Costume Journey: Part Two – The Headband

Over the summer I joined a couple Disney Princess Half Marathon Facebook groups in the excitement of registering for the races.  I loved reading about different people’s costume ideas and seeing everyone else looking forward to the weekend as much as I was.  One of the group members had posted about running headbands that she had made.  They were inspired by different princesses, and would be perfect for a running costume.  She also mentioned that the money from selling the headbands would go to help her friend that is battling cancer.  I loved the idea for the headbands and it was for a great cause so I messaged her straight away.  In her post she had mentioned that she could make a custom princess, so I asked if she could make one for my Pocahontas costume that had a Native American design.  She said that she could work with me to make a headband to go with my costume, so I told her my costume design idea and she came up with the amazing headband pictured below.


The headbands can be found at the Etsy shop:  bayeDesign.  She currently has Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White for $10 each and a customized Princess for $13. She also makes a pink painted Princess in Training (great name!) headband that can be customized with a name and a race distance, or you could pick your own painted phrase, both for $10 each.  The quality of these bands is amazing and there is also a non-slip lining on the backs to prevent them from moving while running.  As a special deal for my readers, everyone will get 10% off now through December 12th with the coupon code: RunPrincess.  Go check out the store!  You may find the perfect accessory for your next runDisney costume!


8 thoughts on “The Costume Journey: Part Two – The Headband

    • Thanks! I feel like I am behind too, with just the headband and the material. I plan on sewing my costume with my mom when I go home for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see what you are going to dress up as!

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